One of the things I decided on recently is to have a camera with me at almost all times… The camera you have with you is way better than the camera that’s sitting at your house.

the thing is I don’t always want to carry around a camera bag since that’s big and bulky. I want to be able to throw in my camera with a lens (maybe even a spare lens if I feel the need) in my backpack and head out.

Solution: Neoprene camera case! This is a OP/TECH USA Soft Pouch for a Rangefinder that I picked up from Amazon.

Even like this it’s way tinier than my DSLR with the equivalent lens:

And that’s leaving off the hood (that’s on the Leica already)…

I just stick the camera on top of all my stuff in my backpack, next to my yogurt, and head out. It’s protected enough from the small bangs and scrapes that I’m happy. If I want it, there it is!

I’m figuring slap on a 35mm and call it a day. Maybe a 28 or 50 if I’m feeling in that mood. Maybe a 21 and 50 combo if I bring along a spare lens.