Yesterday I went to the dentist to get my proper crown on. Obvious they had to take off the old one. I asked if I could have it.

They did one better.

The form and the plastic articulator is a throwaway for the procedure so they offered to clean up the temporary one and give me the whole kit and caboodle.

I grew up with my dad running his own business — Elmer’s Dental Lab — out of our basement. I would go down and see the same things sitting on the bench. Higher end stainless steel articulators ones  being that he was making full dentures not just individual teeth.

The permanent crown is was cast onto the template (which was cast into the mold from my mouth) from metal. The metal was then coated with porcelain and fit properly to the template.

The temporary was cast from the same mother mold much like the adjacent teeth are shown above. The base template, on the other hand, was just my tooth.

It’s neat to have this though. You don’t normally see your mouth from this angle.