Ennie, Lita and I went to another installment of Bawdy Storytelling tonight. The gist of it is that real people, you know the normal everyday people like you and me, get up on stage and tell a 10-minute story about some sexual escapade they’ve been on.

And it’s true.

It takes a lot of courage to go up in front of a room full of paying people, get up on stage, and open up a bit of your private life like that.

I write a lot on here and much of what I write is typically considered pretty private. But at the same time I generally don’t write about things that put my friends and loved ones in compromising positions.

I guess one of the advantages of doing something in real life like that is the ephemeral nature of the event. While things can be recorded and maybe even video posted, it’s a lot harder to correlate everything together into one searchable corpus. Sure, it might be possible… but not worth it unless you’re running for president or something. (i.e. everyone has dirt, it’s just how far down it’s buried)

One day… hopefully soon…