There was some issues with the power tonight in Seattle north end. It dropped out at around 5:00. So I walked down the street and confirmed that it’s a more wide-ranging outage. Sure the top end of our street had power but on the main street, Aurora Avenue N was dark for a few blocks up and down.

I figured that since it’s a bigger outage on a main road it’ll have a quicker response, but I still didn’t know how long it’ll take.

Light. I need light. More than a headlamp or a flashlight. I wanted to get more light.

So I got out the Coleman lantern from the shed in the back. But it needed a bit of work — new mantles and fuel.

Pull the camping box, install the mantles. Burn of the mantles to get them ready. Fuel up the lantern. Light it up.

As the generator started to warm up and I was getting good light.

The power came back.

I guess that’s one way of fixing the power.