Another little bit of Leica gear is in my bag today. I decided to get the M Macro Adapter…

It’s one more thing that keeps me from having to carry around the Canon for on a day-to-day basis.

Basically this is an adjustable extension tube that give another 18.00mm – 30.00mm of flange distance for the lens. What this, or any extension tube for that matter, allows the lens to get further from the film plane.

Take a 50mm lens for instance. When it’s focused at infinity the lens’ nodal point would be 50mm away from the rear image plane. To get a 1:1 reproduction of subject the lens would have to be a focal length away from the sensor. (I’m cavalierly ignoring internally focused lenses here as well as lenses who’s inner elements move about in other strange and fascinating ways — that’s for another post)

Basically, what this gets you is the longer the focal length the less of an effect this has. Of course the more of an effect it has the further away from the “normal” distance that they’re optimized for. I’ll draw a diagram for this later.

Here’s the close focus from a 90mm lens with a 30mm extension…

Now the same with a 35mm with the same.

You can tell that he 90 is just close, but the lens is holding up still. The 35 on the other hand has all sorts of coma caused by spherical aberration off to the left side of the frame.

That said, it still looks nice and very dreamy.

(This from the Valentine’s gift we got from my mom. Thanks mom!)

Eye see you!