You may look at this simple automatic stapler and dismiss it as just a stapler.

But to me it’s something different. It’s a physical artifact from the acquisition of the domain “” from Fidelity Capital back in 2003. It came with that purchase when ComparisonMarket laid out several million dollars for the domain.

It sat on Jerry’s desk for most of that time. Occasionally it stapled things. Mostly elevation documentation.

This went on for years and years while we were almost going public.

Then there was another acquisition. This one wasn’t as pleasant for most of us. :-( QuinStreet (there’s no love lost between them and me) got for pennies on the dollar. Most of the office was laid off. Even the office went away.

The stapler went home with me.

Then I moved to Seattle to work for Amazon and the stapler followed me a lost puppy to my new home here.

Now I think it’s time to part with the stapler. It turns out I don’t staple things — I just scan and shred for the most part.

The legacy of the stapler may be lost to the sands of time.

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