I was writing yesterday about the Leica charger and how I’m packing  that. This of course misses the main point of traveling with the camera itself.

This trip, since I have the space and weight, I decided to bring along just about everything in the kit so I can play with it with my bro. I’m being evil with this since I may unleash a monster. 😉 Even with everything it’s taking up just a bit more than the small packing insert for my backpack.

This is compared to when I went down to shoot Kendra and Adam’s wedding with the Canon. Sure, I took down zoom lenses as opposed to a small pile of primes. If I recall I brought down a total of three lenses and a flash for the shoot.

But it got me thinking about lighter travel, like camping on the motorcycle. The last trip I took along the Canon with me was the ill fated ride to Labrador. I only took the 24-105 lens. It served me well. With the Leica I’m thinking of bringing  maybe the 28, 50, and 90. If I need wider I can always stitch things together. Alternately if I maybe pick up a 75 I can bring the 21, 35, 75 combo. (I really love the look of the 35)

The volume of three (or even four) lenses is less than the size of the zoom… And I can shoot at f/1.4 as opposed to three stops slower with the zoom.