Yesterday I was down in the hotel bar at the Doubletree sharing drinks with some of my co-workers. As the night wore on and we were getting ready to cash out the bartender came over. She pointed to the Apple logo on my computer and asked “what I though of the Apple locked phone controversy.”

That unleashed the conversation from, well, not quite hell, but from someplace annoying.

Now I agree with what Apple is doing. The rule of law should be the rule of law. Having back doors in any technology opens up everything to attacks from everyone who can exploit the hole. It’s like having the world’s best safe, but being required to make a weakness that you can use to open the safe. Once the secret is out you no longer have a secure safe.

The same for the phone. Not to mention the fact that if the idiot was alive we would have plenty of evidence to convict phone or no phone. This is simply a test case to try to peer ever more deeply into the private lives of our citizens.

Then the guy at the bar chimes in. “We should just round up all the Muslims. Well we have precedent. During World War 2 we rounded up the Japanese.”

How apropos.

The next day, today, is the Day of Remembrance. Today is when we remember when the US did one of the worse crimes and did exactly what the drunk idiot was using as the precedent to round up all the brown people.

How about we not do that.

How about we respect the civil rights or everyone.