On my flight back from southern California on Alaska Airlines I was seated in row 30.

As I was walking back I looked for row 13 — which of course wasn’t there. Due to the phenomena triskaidekaphobia — the fear of the number 13 — many things in life lack the number after 12. The building I was in down in Irvine goes from floor 12, where I was stationed, to the next floor up which is labeled 14.

I insisted on calling it 13 anyway because I believe in numbers.

In any case, it seemed that the Alaska Airlines crew grew wise to the simple solution of calling it 14. People were smarter and realized that it’s still the 13th row. Of course, in this case it’s not smart in the first place, but it’s marginally better none-the-less.

Alaska Airlines skips not only 13, but 14 as well.

The reality is that I was sitting in row 28, not 30.

But getting to the 13th row problem… Don’t people realize that what happens to the thirteenth row will likely happen to the rest of the plane as well? Like if the plane has some issues, it’s not just that row that will get affected, but rather the entire fucking plane.

But it’s an interesting realization someone there had… that the dumb people have found a more creative way of being dumb.