My friend and I went to an “un-caucus” where they alleged to teach you how to caucus. I’ve never caucused before so I figured it’s a good learning opportunity. It was sponsored by the local NPR affiliate KUOW.

We got the Naked City Brewery (just a few blocks from my house) and sat down and ordered dinner. I’m strongly for Bernie Sanders and she’s heavily leaning towards Hillary Clinton. We chatted with a few of our neighbors and then it began.

The problem is that it was basically amateur hour debate. Each of the campaigns sent someone in an unofficial manner and they basically debated some issues.

Oh my goodness was the guy for Bernie atrocious. Beyond the normal political debate style of “spend half a sentence on the question before moving to a related point” he sometimes skipped the question entirely and launched an attack — a bad attack at that — on the Clinton camp. One of the first things you learn about trying to convince someone to come over to your side is to not simply attack the opponent, it simply causes people to shut down and dig in. What you need to do is to make your side look good and force the comparison with your opponent.

What it wound up looking like was that Bernie was a hack and Hillary was everything that Bernie is with more experience.

Except that’s nothing of the truth of the matter.


Like the title says, you’re better off using good instead of bad to win over new supporters.