I have too many ways of carrying cameras. Today I added yet another way. Today’s adventure is the Tamrac Corona-14.

The last time I was down to the Southern California area I took a hike with my brother. I had with me the Gura Gear (now Tamrac, but that’s another post altogether) Uinta bag with an mirrorless insert and a collection of gear.

I’ve traveled with it a number of times before. As I was hiking along with Pete, however, I realized that it was a bit too clunky to access the gear and change lenses. Further, I was envisioning what I would be doing if I was on the bike and trying to take a quick picture…

The key feature with this bag is that it has some side-entry pockets. This makes it easy to swing off the bag (while still attached to one or the other arm) and access stuff.

It has enough storage that I’m pretty sure I could easily unload my tankbag into it. It has a spot for an iPad/laptop and a top section for misc stuff.

With the Leica gear being so small I even have space for other stuff like the GoPros or such.  :-)

It was also on sale at the local camera shop so I figured why not… Cheaper than Amazon by around $50! Nice! :-D