Ok, not really hacking anything… but using some additional knowledge to get something done.  ;-)

For the stuff I’m going to be working on work I need to get a high-end Mac of some variety. Most of my compatriots in the Irvine office who are working on the same project have the MacBook Pro Retina i7 machine. I was told to essentially max out a MacBook, buy it, and expense it. (Process… because every big company has it… moving on.) This is upgrading from a 2011-vintage MacBook Pro (with added SSD and hacked to 16GB of RAM) so this will be a pretty big step in the right direction.

So I look at the Apple.com web store. None of these are listed as in stock. I can buy one and have it ship in 3-5 days which gives me a sad. Having a compile take an hour or two is not something I look forward to.

Then I remembered a thread on Reddit from a year ago or so… the rumor was that most brick-and-mortar Apple stores keep a few high end models in stock in case someone wants spend a pile of cash.

It turns out the rumor is spot on!  :-D  They had exactly the model I wanted sitting in the back!

Now I wait until Monday when IT defiles it with all the stuff that makes it an Amazon laptop.

Like I said. Process. You can’t get away from it.