The massive wind storm last night left us some damage. Well, technically our neighbor, but being neighborly and all it’s our problem as well. Even without being neighborly it’s the gate to the shared right-of-way.

One of the boards of the gate to our mini alley got sheared off. It’s the part that holds the pin that keeps things closed. You can look at it as the boss pin. The other side locks to it to keep fixed as well, so when the main mechanism breaks the whole thing goes to pot.

Today was all about wood. Damning the poor dimensional lumber. (5/8×4? Should be common, right? No. 5/8×6, which is actually x5-1/5. Or 9/16×4 which is actually 9/16×3-1/2. Fuck it) Ripping and planing the wood. Installing.

But in the end I can rest easy. No new tools were needed. I have some spare wood now, but that’s ok. It’s cheap. And I have a gate that works.

Of course the wood is too wet to paint now… so I have a plank of wood that’s not painted. But that’s way better than simply broken.