I was on my way to work last week when I saw something like this painted on the back of installation van from Century Link. It was pimping their Prism TV package.

This just seems like an absolute horror-show of user experience design. When someone was given a laundry list of options, they chose all of them. How many ways can you see to go back in some way?

  1. Rewind
  2. Replay
  3. Left
  4. Back
  5. Exit
  6. Last


Then on top of everything you have the mysterious yellow-triangle-A, green-square-B, and red-circle-C. Like having the other 46 buttons aren’t enough to get the job done?

Sure, if you’re looking to compete solely on the number of buttons on a remote you might be winning. But realistically you likely have to consider how your developing you system to ensure you wind up with a usable system instead of one that simply works.

This would be an awesome advertisement for why not to get whatever service is being sold.