Apple has a way of paying attention to the little thing. Many times the little things don’t even really matter — it doesn’t affect the functionality of the product, but shows that there is thought given to everything.

I’m getting the new iPad Pro tomorrow. Along with that I’m getting the case (back and smart keyboard) and the pencil. I’ve already gotten the back case and the pencil.

I was looking at the packaging of the back case:

I noticed something interesting…

Look at the time and tiny date. 9:41, Tuesday March 15.

March 15th was the original date for the launch even for the iPad Pro. It got pushed back one week for unexplained reasons. 9:41 would be roughly when it would have been announced.

It actually lends credibility to some of the rumor sites that were saying the date was the 15th.

But like I was saying, the packaging of the case has nothing to do with the use of the case, or even the iPad itself. It’s a minor point that I would imagine most people wouldn’t even notice.

But it’s simply another aspect of the level of polish that goes into the products that Apple makes. It’s something that I aspire to — and I’m busy pushing our team to get to that same level of finish for the products that we’re responsible for.