Last week I ordered up an iPad Pro (the 9.7″ model) along with some of its accessories. The back case and pencil shipped from California last week. The iPad shipped yesterday and arrived this morning at my office.

The smart keyboard cover, on the other hand, was shipped directly from Shenzhen in China on Friday the 25th.

As I’m writing this it’s sitting in Seattle right now. It’ll get delivered tomorrow just a week later.

Of course shipping things around the world has gotten to be old hat for the most part, but shipping things around the world both quickly and cheaply still feels pretty new. When I buy electronics stuff on eBay from China most of the shipping is free and I get it a week or two later — but with limited (or non-existant) tracking. In this case it’s just a week later with full tracking.

Every time I see this type of thing I’m continually amazed. It’s not astonishing to do this for one item, it’s mind-blowing to have this done to millions of them a day.