The iPad Pro arrived yesterday to my office. The pencil and back cover had already been waiting for me having been delivered while I was in the Orange County office. Today I received the Smart Keyboard cover as well — which I’m using to write this post.

So, first impressions.

The keyboard is surprisingly good given the slightly cramped layout. It’s pretty substantially bigger than the on-screen keyboard that I was using when I was writing on from the road. I’ve only really used it a limited amount, but up until now it seems to be working well. The comment I got from Ennie was that the Microsoft Surface can’t really be used by her on her lap while this thing seems to be plenty functional.

The screen is the same resolution as before. The True Tone feature really does work well though — it seems stupidly small, but it makes the screen a lot easier on the eyes. The better coating is also welcome; I’m writing this with a window behind me and the reflections are barely there.

The last real upgrade is the pencil. I played with it a bit and I’m impressed. That’s a lot less awesome than the designers that descended on me yesterday were saying. Uniformly they are thinking of ways of expensing one of these simply to use the stylus. They were saying it feels even better than the Wacom displays they had used. Me: I’m looking forward to doing lightweight photo editing with it and to sketch things out for emails…

Overall: I’m really happy with the upgrade. It seems quicker, which is unsurprising given the various upgrades. I’m super digging the form factor (and have been since the first version) and I’m very happy that I passed on the huge version of the iPad which just seemed way more computer and less tablet, with none of the advantages of either. I think this will make a great travel companion for me.