My general MO is to try to get the best things I can. Best can be judged by many different dimensions and in fact you can get different answers depending on what your criteria is.

I was thinking about buying a simple video camera. I posted the video yesterday — the quick review of the Tenba camera bag — and realized while I was doing that doing self-video with a camera really kind of sucks.

The major issue with doing video work with a still camera (and again, this is specifically for single-person, self-produced content) is that framing and focus is a giant pain in the butt. I was having to go and try to guestimate focus and stop down from there to make sure I was in focus. Beyond that, I had to do several test shots to see how things were going to be framed.

But it worked regardless… but I could do better and easier.

So the next question is which video camera?

At first I was gravitating towards getting a 4K.

Then I kicked myself for even thinking that.

If I were to take a bunch of talking-head style video in 4K I would have more storage consumed and more post processing to get it posted. Oh, and more bandwidth to post it as well. All of these conspire to make everything harder and slower which is the opposite of what what would want. And the cameras are bigger, heavier, and more expensive to get that added difficulty to boot.

1080P it is.