I had interesting conversation with Lita last night about my general fashion sense. She was commenting about the Tenba review video that I was wearing an EA Sports t-shirt.

Yes, I was.

The way I look at it is if you give me a shirt for free there’s a very good chance I’ll wear it. Honestly, I didn’t even get the shirt from EA, but from a co-worker who got it at a conference and it didn’t fit her. (Ahh — EA, Electronic Arts, I remember them back in the Commodore 64 days when they made all sorts of things I used…)

But it’s even broader than that. Sometimes I actually buy a shirt or something and wear it because I support them and not just because it’s free.

I guess I just have a lower sense of selling out or something. I don’t mind it. As I’m typing this I’m wearing an Amazon shirt from the company picnic a few years back. And yesterday I guess I was wearing a different Amazon shirt from a project I had worked on.