Taxes, taxes, taxes. Literally. Me, my mom, and my brother. Today.

It’s peculiar in a way it’s interesting watching our tax pictures change over time. It used to be that my mom had the most complex tax situation and my brother got the 1040EZ… now I’m doing taxes and it’s mostly reversed.

My mom has paid off her house and may as well get the 1040EZ. Me and my bro have stocks and all sorts of things to complicate things.

I’m happy I’ve been doing this for long enough to get a sense of what makes sense. I have some stock that was given to me by Amazon (yaay!) and I sold a few shares to get my camera. The thing that almost got me was the bit where I sold shares as I got them to cover the taxes… the thing is that the taxes were reported on a different piece of paper and it confused TurboTax. Confused to say that I owed $11,000 in taxes.


So I have a line on the W2, Box 12 line V, that makes my stock look like income — income I’m already taxed on. The wires weren’t connected between that and my 1099-B which made things get all confuzzled.

Thankfully I don’t — I’m getting back all of $24. Spent it on dinner tonight (and then some).

Now that the taxes are out of the way I guess death is next, eh?