The blog has been a constant in my life for a long time now. It started off as the trip blog — — back in 2008 on the first trip to Alaska on the bike. It started life as a travelogue with a few brief forays into personal journeys. It then moved to the present site, and since then every day (just about, I’m sure a few days have been missed) I’ve written something here. I have a lot of content.

A lot of that content is pretty lost due to the organization of the site. There are things I go back and read to redo aspects of the site occasionally, like EC2 setup and things like that. A better organization can do a lot to try to surface that information in a better and easier-to-use format.

Ok, I’ll also take a moment to be a bit selfish about this as well. I have a lot of content, some of it awesome, much of it dreck, that I can make some money with. I have many legit reviews and tutorials up here. I have a lot of experience with a myriad of things I think I can share and help people out. Sometimes the person being helped is me.

I figure can put up some ads and try to recoup the hosting costs of the site. Heck, maybe even help me pay for some of the things I review perhaps.

Will I blog still? Yes, every day still.

Will it be as front-and-center as it is now? Not really.

At this point I think I’ll be taking a step back to evaluate the structure of the site. The next step will likely be an upgrade from the current to the main URL. I think I’ll stick with WordPress as the CMS, but transition to a more hierarchical layout for the site to better be able to put things out there.