With my purchase of my first video camera I’ve been forced to draw a line in the sand about what I’m willing to spend to a shot. My line in the sand is around a grand.


But the interesting thing is that for well under $10,000 you can get a rig that’ll shoot a real life movie.

Sure, $10K sounds expensive.

It’s not if that’s what you’re really trying to do.

A couple years ago that number would top $20-25K.

5-10 years ago you’d be looking at $100K easy. And that’s with rentals — at the end you don’t even have anything left.

Now, between RED and Blackmagic you can get a good 4K+ camera for less than the price of a cheap motorcycle. Add some Canon lenses and you have a kit together you’d be hard-pressed to beat even a few years ago.

Ok, I’m not in the market for this… If I make enough in ads and shit to justify this I’ll pick one up no doubt. But at this point it’s not in the budget.

But the tech… O.M.G. the tech… that’s for another post.