Travelling through OGG I have to really question — yet again — if the TSA even thinks they are making a difference?

In front of us there was a dazed dude — looked vaguely Chinese, but that’s not really important. He looked stoned, was evading questions, and had a hand truck of random cardboard boxes.

You have normal people looking just plain annoyed, then you have someone who is going out of their way to be suspicious.

He, of course, got through.

If anyone in the slow line we were in that would warrant a bigger check it would be this guy.

I think I might finally admit defeat and pay the PreCheck bullshit tax of “of course I know this is a waste of time” and not have to take off my shoes.

Because it’s not like I can’t buy a bomb lithium battery in the airport.

(Note, I did not buy a bomb lithium battery in the airport in case someone from the uselessness of the TSA happens to read this.)