I came home from Hawaii on Tuesday. On Wednesday I was working from home and about to run an errand over lunch.

Before I left for the islands I parked my bike in the back yard and merrily went on vacation.

I went out back and noticed a pair of wires on my seat. Each was around an inch or so long. Odd. On my seat?!

I put the key in the ignition and turned it on. The engine indicator was on. Odd. Figuring no harm in trying I thumbed the starter and it came to life with a lumpy idle and sputtered out a few seconds later. A stream of fuel was spraying out the right side.



Some critter bit a hole in the fuel injector line (which is a very hard line) and excised the wire from the wiring to the fuel injector.

What the fuck, creature?

I was able to patch things together enough to run. The repair job above way my first attempt at the fuel line — the self-adhesive silicone tape wasn’t working. It was good enough to run, but was seeping fuel; at least it wasn’t pissing gas.


In the end it looked passable.

The hose I picked up the BMW dealership wasn’t the right type though. It started to get dissolved by the gasoline and weep out the side. It worked well enough to get me to work and back and meeting up with Lita. (which is when I noticed the gas weeping)

At least it’s fixable.

Tomorrow: pick up proper hose and get the fuel line buttoned up. Next weekend I’ll redo the wiring with a proper fix  that looks neater. Also proper crimps not solder. (I know, evil…)