Wednesday I fixed the bike. Yesterday I realized the hose wasn’t up to the task. Today I went off to the auto part store and picked up honest-to-god fuel injector hose.

It’s way thicker than the stock. Not just that but I had to go further into the bike to get a piece of hose that I was able to use…Once there I couldn’t route it like stock and had to go on the other side of the throttle cable.

There’s also the issue with metric vs. imperial hoses. The 1/4″ hose is 6.4mm while I think the stock hose is 6mm. Alas. Hose clamps to the rescue.

After I got all that done I fixed up the rear brake — the caliper had nearly seized up on one of the slider pins. That led to a premature wear of the pads. And uneven to boot. Ripped apart, lubed with some good grease, and new pads. All good there now.

Now the entire bike is sorted again. All that I have to do is neaten up the injector wiring, but that’s not a critical piece of work right now.