Regardless of my views on Bernie Sanders (I like him bunches), it looks pretty much that unless something strange happens before or during the convention that Ms. Clinton will be the next Democratic candidate for president.

I look at this and think how unfortunate this is.

The problems I have are manyfold.

  • Ms. Clinton is further right that Trump in many of the issues I hold dear. Including, but not limited to, healthcare, trade policies, and money in politics.
  • I would rather have an embarrassment for four years than eight years of further moving the political needle to the right with the neo-liberal policies of Ms. Clinton.
    • Side note: most of the offensive policies that Mr. Trump would propose wouldn’t pass congress, so other than hot air it’s not damaging.
    • If Mr. Trump fails hard in his first term I would much rather elect a true progressive than wait eight years.
  • Ms. Clinton has been consistently on the wrong side of the issue when it comes to the use of force. Even recently when she has been advocating additional escalation in Syria. I don’t want our troops to die or to further antagonize the middle-east. Mr. Trump, on the other hand, is far less a hawk.
  • Based on her actions in the past as a senator it’s clear that she is in the pocket of the wealthy campaign donors. E.g. the way she changed her tune regarding bankruptcy reform. While I don’t agree with Mr. Trump on many issues, I would rather have some minimal honesty than someone who has already been sold.
  • Ms. Clinton’s views of additional trade deals, such as T.P.P. serve only to line the pockets of the rich (who are actually her constituents, not the voters) while hanging the rest of the country out to dry. Mr. Trump’s policies more closely align with my own.
  • Ms. Clinton’s policies regarding fracking, coal, etc., do not line up with me at all in terms of dealing with climate change, and the broader environment. (Again, her policies serve only to benefit the rich owners of those industries.)

Ergo, as much as it pains me to say this: “If the election were held today between Ms. Clinton and Mr. Trump, I would have to cast my vote for Mr. Trump.”