Novoflex-Canon-EF-lenses-adapter-for-Leica-SL-mirrorless-camera-2Last year Leica released their model SL. It’s a mirrorless camera that uses their T- lenses along with the lenses they’re rolling out for the camera at present.

A day or two ago an adapter was announced for an adapter for Canon EF lenses (into which I’m heavily invested in) could be used on the SL with full auto focus. I’m looking at this thinking that this might be the time I’ll willfully jump ship from Canon into the waiting arms of Leica.

This isn’t the M system I’ve jumped into mind you. Sure, the there’s a simple adapter for the M lenses… but that’s a different beast altogether.

With this adapter, assuming it’s not a piece of crap of course, could shift me to Leica altogether. I wouldn’t want to rid myself of the macro or various zooms I have in the Canon EF mount… but if I can get something that would serve my purpose and additionally use my existing hardware, well, that would be a game changer…

I’ll have to wait for the reviews to see how it actually works, but this might be a good system. It’s expensive, but it may be a hub type system wherein it can use almost anything out there.