File Jun 04, 9 33 44 PM

Normally when I talk about a restaurant, I comment on the food as well as the rest of the package that is going to a restaurant.

This is not one of those days.

Horrible, horrible service. Once we got seated it took us 10 minutes to see our waiter to order drinks and a meal. After that the waiter seemed to be too busy socializing behind the bar than doing his job. Even after complaining to the hostess after 10 minutes of waiting for drinks (nothing complicated, beer) more time passed. After another five minutes we left. As we were leaving we talked to the manager and he seemed to give no shits about the service.

The manager did say that if we waited (like we didn’t wait long enough as it) that he would get us a promo card or something.

We passed. Not worth going back when the service and the management is such a train wreck.