File Jun 05, 11 40 41 PMDriving down the road on my bike today I had a thought that often comes to mind lately on the bike.

As I’m driving I realize that the bike is more of an extension of me than anything else. Sure, it’s a means of conveyance, but at the same time it’s more. Even more that I’ve been on the same bike for half a decade so I know every sound, rattle, and just about everything about the bike.

Then, as I hit a turn, the thought process doesn’t really happen. I understand the physics of a bike and how it works; I’ve drilled into my head the processes. The turn happens, as though I was just turning myself. Do you think to yourself how to turn when you’re walking down the street? (Hint: it’s actually really rather intricate!)

That’s what the bike feels like to me now.