Richard_M._Nixon,_ca._1935_-_1982_-_NARA_-_530679En and I were watching one of a series of shows on the 60’s today after work.

Watching how Nixon was elected is hitting way to close to home right now.

The irony of the situation is even though we know how the Nixon presidency plays out, I would vote for him every day of the week over the two imbeciles that we have going toe to toe in November for this country. (Assuming things play out as expected and Ms. Clinton gets the nomination)

The thing is that with Watergate he’s committed fewer crimes than Ms. Clinton — and he was impeached for that. If Clinton gets elected one has to be pretty gullible to think that she would be able to get anything done with a divided government.

Mr. Trump, though I think fares better in terms of honesty, also has some deeply flawed character issues.

Both of the front runners are insane power-hungry assholes.

Given the choice (as unfortunately I will have in November to pick between these two), at this point I would vote for the one that has broken fewer laws thus far.

The fact that I would so happily cast my vote for someone as unpopular as Nixon that it makes me absolutely disgusted at the state of politics right now. Erasing a few minutes of tape seems so fucking pedestrian compared to deleting 30,000 emails and leaking State secrets.