We have two choices. If Ms. Clinton we get four or eight years of a hawk who has regularly sold out America to the highest bidder (examples include TPP, quid pro quo for arms to Saudi Arabia for donations to Clinton Foundation, Libya, Iraq, et. al.) and is for every conflict that has come across her desk. Mr. Trump, on the other hand, makes silly demands that won’t get through congress and we’ll have a shot at fielding an actual progressive candidate in four years.

Not getting in another war and selling off America, for me, is more important.

Given the choices, I think Mr. Trump (as much as it pains me to say) is a far less dangerous choice than Ms. Clinton.

The neolib view is in diametric opposition to damn near everything I want. The last time we had a true neolib was back in with her husband and that brought along things like giveaways to private prisons and deregulation of the media that got us in the mess we’re in now. The views boil down to “I’ll toe the line on some hot-button issues (guns, abortion), but the rest is for sale to the highest bidder.”

Mr. Trump is a blow-hard. A foolish one that will make other countries mock us. That said, he’s at least for universal health care, which Ms. Clinton used to be for, before changing her mind after receiving a large chuck of money from them ($13MM).

Clinton’s policies (gross mismanagement of the Arab Spring, dealing with Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc.) are what is causing phenomena like Isis to happen. Is she the cause, no of course not. But the policies that she championed as a US senator and leading the State Department in terms of regime change and military action directly precipitated the events leading up to the formation of Isis and their ilk.

Bluntly, I’ll take mocking over causing people to shoot as us.

What of the Supreme Court issues? Gridlock. Make sure no one can pass. Even then, a half generation of crap is better than another war as much as it pains me to write.

The guidance from people are “Hillary isn’t Donald and you should fear Donald. Her simply because she’s not him.” I fear her more than Mr. Trump.

To me the choice is clear: Not Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately that leaves Mr. Trump.

So be it.