I was running the warp stabilizer on a four-minute video clip (complete with synthesize extra) and holy crap does it show my hardware’s age.

When I start a process and the end result is on the order of an hour of processing for a minute of end result… I’m starting to question my hardware. I’m presently running a high-end 2013 iMac. A 2013 iMac isn’t the pinnacle of tech any more.

I think I’ll have to wait for the new hardware that’s seeming on the cusp of being announced. Either that or just make sure I have better source footage.

– = –

That actually reminds me of the idea that getting properly recorded source really simplifies the processing. When you have good and stable video and consistent audio the processing is such a breeze. Sure, you might need to do some grading, but it’s tweaks as opposed to wholesale processing.

More on the audio in the next couple days.  :-D