Just a bit over five years ago I broke my leg. Ok, so it’s colloquially referred to as my “hip,” but it’s my femoral neck — and since the femur is my leg bone I broke my freaking leg.

To this day I have an issue with the nerves in my leg. On the picture above there’s a hand-sized patch of numbness+pain. It’s numb (with a bit of pins and needles action for kicks) until it gets stimulation, at which point it just plain hurts for a few hours.

It started off with much of my thigh being completely numb with no feeling at all… then it got to this point within a few months.

Here it stayed in stasis up to now.

And likely in the future.

It’s annoying… that’s the natural place that someone puts their hand when you’re driving a car.

Except since then it hurts.