1. My friend Rashmi gave a talk yesterday at the Lemay Family Collection about women in motorcycling. I helped make the video for that (that took up all of my free time since Sunday… heh)

I also took some video of the event. Between the video (4K 60Mbps) and audio (48ksps 24bit, four track) I now have around 50GB of source material.


The real win from the night is the audio. I decided to upgrade to a nice wireless setup and that worked beautifully. The audio was going from there into me existing audio recorder so I have some stunning audio even though the house audio was a bit dreadful. More on that later, but I’m quite pleased I have to say.

(Ok, so I have three copies of the audio. One from the lavaliere mic and the wireless, a stereo pair from the recorder’s mics, and from the video camera…)