The current craptastic debate going on in congress right now is about gun control and the no-fly list and how the two should be linked.


Sure, I care about the 2nd Amendment, as do most of the people that own guns.

I also care about the other ones too.

The 14th for instance ensures that we have a right to due process. So, by urging the linkage of the secret no-fly list we are running roughshod over the 14th. You have no way to know if you’re on the list, no way to get off the list, and no real recourse. Linkage of the two is stepping over the 14th Amendment is going against due process, plain and simple.

No, I want all of my rights thank you very much.

Or perhaps the 4th. Oops, we did a warrantless search of you. Well, don’t let the lack of warrant keep you down, the evidence stands anyway.

Da fuq?

Or how about having “1st Amendment Zones.”

As if the right to the freedom of speech doesn’t extend beyond?

And here we are, willingly giving up rights — well most of us at least — to make ourselves feel safer.

– = –

I, for one, will not be quartering troops, let that be known!