And now this happened.

The more I think about how this is playing out the more I think this is the same type of anti-establishment feelings that giving rise to Trump here in the States.

Sure, it’s a bit over-simplified… but we’ve had a generation of people that are being told that we live in a “post racial” society. Ignoring the facts that we don’t really.

When we have talks about guns and violence it’s always about the them not about the us. When you look at actual gun problems (ignoring suicides) it’s in the inner cities for the most part. By simply acknowledging that there is an issue we would be forced to look at the causes of that problem. It’s much easier to simply ignore or redirect the attention elsewhere.

Similarly in Europe you have the issue with refugees / immigrants / migrants (depending on who you’re talking to). Looking at the official narrative from leaders like Angela Merkel there simply isn’t a problem so there’s nothing to talk about — so sit down and shut up.

By ignoring the systemic problems that seem evident to people you wind up getting a backlash.

That backlash is things like the UK leaving the EU. That backlash is giving voice to Trump and his supporters.

By ignoring problems or declaring they simply don’t exist by fiat you leave people frustrated. And the problems remain and get worse since no action exists when definitionally the problem is non-existant.