We were at the Greenwood Auto Show yesterday and it was a beautiful day. Nice cars, great weather, and an overall great time.

It was marred only by the several bunches of canvassers that were “trying to protect the bathrooms of high schools” and collecting signatures to get I-1515 on the ballot this November. The talking points are “to prevent rape” or some such bullshit.

The reality is that this isn’t a problem. I’m not talking about rape, of course, I’m talking about people “of the wrong gender” sneaking into the opposite facilities. This is simply about discriminating against trans individuals.

“Oh, my son’s gay” said one of the idiots claiming to be a Christian.

What a sorry, sad excuse of a mother I have to say. I feel bad for her son for all that I’m sure he’s going through.

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If I’m not being clear enough, I-1515 is nothing more than a transgender discrimination bill. Do not sign the petition. If it makes it to the ballot do not vote for it. It does nothing to protect anyone (i.e. rape is already illegal but it happens none-the-less). It just criminalizes and endangers innocent members of society.