I shot a quick throwaway video clip of Ennie (was also funny) and I was amazed by the bokeh of the result.

Yes, it’s a silly piece to be sure, but looking at the look of it makes me want more. The video camera I have, while nice, doesn’t have the full-frame look to the result.

I like the narrow depth of field I’m seeing with the 50mm Summilux @ f/1.4… now to be able to recapture that somehow else…

The video camera I’m using presently, the AX53 4k camera, has a 1/2.5″ sensor… this is a lot different from the full-frame of the Leica.

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I’ll have to put together a presentation why the depth of field differs between formats. In any case, the difference is real.

The next step up is either my Canon 5D-II or the Leica. The issue with either is that neither has focus tracking. Of course the Leica is manual focus so no dice there… the Canon doesn’t do it either since it doesn’t have the grunt to handle it.

Perhaps the 5D-IV will do it? maybe I should pick up the Leica SL?

Maybe later… I have to have a better justification.