Vietnam_Campaign_Medal I remember going to school in seventh and eight grade learning history from Mrs. Thompson and we learned bunches about wars.

The thing is most of the things that we learned were from the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. We got into battles and dates but not much else.

Then we have more recent wars like Vietnam which barely got a mention. This was better than what Korea had which is to say essentially nothing.

There’s so much to history that we’re leaving out. So many lessons that we could be learned from. So many mistakes that we’re doing over and over again.

I started thinking about this as En and I were watching “The 70’s” on Netflix. This episode was about the end of the Vietnam War. Seeing the contemporaneous reportage was eye opening. Looking at the images and the conflicts that I hadn’t known about…

It makes me sad that I didn’t know so much. But I’m happy that I’m learning at last.