Today’s been a hard day. News and Facebook and all that reporting on the events in Dallas today.

I look at the situation we face as a nation and I’m growing increasingly hopeless about the current state of affairs. Are we really worse off than before? If you look at the unified crime reporting statistics we’re far better off.  But if you watch and listen to the media you would think that we’re at war with ourselves.

Then reality starts to mirror the fiction that’s peddled by the media.

I’m not saying that we don’t have problems that need to be solved. Of course we fucking do. I’m not going say we’re in a good place. But so much of what we’re facing is a product of the click-bait profit-driven media cycle that prevents us from having a conversation.

On an online forum someone made a point that we’re in a situation where we’re too busy cheering for red or blue — cheering for our team — to actually pay attention to what’s going on.