Everyone has rights — I’ve harped on this before.

The past few days have been hard to live through. Hard to live through as an American.

So, rights… I’ll make a statement that seems overly simplified.

“Everyone has a right to not get murdered.”

Full stop.

This says nothing about the race of the individual. This says nothing about the profession of the individual. This says nothing about the gender or sexual orientation of the individual.


This is a right that all of us should have. If we are in a place and time where that right isn’t equally applied to everyone we need to fix that problem.

This, of course, can be — and should be — extended to many other rights. Like freedom for assault for instance. But let’s start with something fucking simple to begin with, shall we?

That said, we need to look deeper as well. I’ve written in the past about the inequalities of the prison system. Similar to that are the systemic inequalities of the education system in this country as well. We must not be afraid to look at the problems we have been causing ourselves as a society. Those are hard problems to face, and harder still to solve. But ignoring them and looking for the quick fix detracts from solving the problem for real.