I got a kit from Cyclops to replace the puny fog lights on my bike. It is generally plug-and-play. But as it turns out I had some issues.

I picked up the kit last week and the last bits of it today. I started to install everything and was doing a dry fit of everything to make sure that I would put things together correctly.

The adapter plug that goes from the light to the wire harness should look like this:



The problem is that the other connector for the other side, after barely touching it looked like this:



So the obvious question is “why did you pull the wire out of the connector?!”

Except I didn’t.

Here’s the inside of the connector:



In this picture you can clearly see that while the bottom crimp part is crimped, the part of the crimp that’s supposed to grab onto the insulation looks like it hasn’t been touched.

Here’s a similar, un-crimped, connector:


The part in the middle is where the crimp holds on to the wire itself. The ears to the right get to wrap around the insulation and provide some strain relief.

The problem is that whoever assembled the connector basically missed. Not only that, but it looks like the wire crimping mostly missed as well.


Here’s a closeup of the wires as they came out of the crimp. Not only do you se no deformation of the wire strands themselves, you also see no evidence of a crimp to the insulation at all.

That right there is how to not crimp a connection.

This worked for a few moments, but it would have most certainly failed in the field.

Based on the quality of workmanship I’m seeing with this the whole kit and kaboodle will be heading back to Cyclops on Monday. Even if I need to pay a restocking fee, I’m not comfortable with how this has been set up.