We’ve been doing some cleaning in the house and I made the realization that I have a bunch of stuff that is perfectly good, but I don’t use. Selling stuff for a few bucks is kind of a pain. Certainly if I wanted to do something like eBay it would have a lot of mental overhead.

My friend Lita told me about something that started a few years back called Buy Nothing. Basically the idea is to give things you need to people in your immediate community. In return your community does the same.

And it’s all run though a bunch of Facebook groups.

Going up on mine soon is something like:

  • 5 USB/Firewire SATA drive enclosures
  • 1 USB SATA drive enclosure
  • 2 ethernet switches
  • 5-year-old Apple Airport Base Station
  • Camera case backpack (with laptop slot)
  • Camera case (holds two or so SLRs)
  • Camera case (hold a small camera)
  • 4 monthly-divided hanging files