First the epically corrupt (proof in emails) head of the DNC steps down. Then Ms. Clinton appoints Debbie Wasserman Schultz to run her presidential campaign.

Then it’s shown that she has a quid pro quo for appointments.

Then at the convention they are taking away the signs from Sen. Sanders’ supporters.

Then it’s shown that she made up the “violent Bernie bros” at the Arizona convention.

And, oh, by the way, she hasn’t spoken to the press this year.

If you try to convince me that she’s anything other than a cold, calculating, manipulative, pandering, lying, asshole then it’ll fall on deaf ears.

The fear-mongering regarding Trump is the same as the manufactured “violence” that was pushed by her campaign after the Arizona primary. Telling me to vote for her “to stop Trump” does not give me a good reason to vote for her. Mr. Trump is an asshole as well. But I don’t trust anything coming out of Ms. Clinton’s propaganda machine. If anything I put more faith in the opposite. If she says the sky is blue I’d likely believe it wasn’t at this point.

I. Do. Not. Trust. Clinton.

I’m not voting against Mr. Trump — despite the fear mongering. I’m not voting for Ms. Clinton. She’s not given me a reason to, and a list of reasons to not.