Briggs, our work dog across the hall, has a habit of getting out of getting out. Lan, his owner got an awesome gate system… but the problem is that we don’t want to put holes in the walls. We could, but it seems rather annoying.

So the next solution would be adhesive. This would work, and it might’ve, but there’s not a lot of surface area behind it — it’s your typical ribs of plastic. The fear I have is that there’s not enough for the tape to hold onto and then boom, Briggs flies free again.

My solution is what you see up there. A custom machined aluminum backing plate that’s riveted to the gate supports.


With the flat surface of the aluminum you have plenty of surface area to use something like 3M VHB tape to hold onto the partition wall that’s also made of flat aluminum.

I just machined out a pocket for the rivet-head to sit in and that’s all it takes!


The rivets are going to hold as secure as a screw would have into the normal wood that it was intended for.

Tomorrow: hang the gate!