Yesterday I machined the backing plate adapters for the gate. Today I had the opportunity to mount it up on the wall!

For some reason this makes me really excited. Briggs isn’t even my dog — he’s across the hall from me. But we are good buddies, so there is that.


But the gate is up and I didn’t even have to make any holes in the cube walls. We all agreed it would be a bit too much. Hell, I could have just riveted the gate up. ;-)

Nope. The backing plate adapters work a treat though. After cleaning off the walls and the plates with some isopropyl alcohol we were ready to go. They are flat enough that the 1mm 3M VHB tape has plenty to grab onto.


And the rivets are low profile enough that the pocket I cut wasn’t too deep so I didn’t compromise the joints.

I can’t tell if he’s happy or sad that he can’t work his way out…


Maybe just tired.