This is a full kit of stuff.

Spectra V3i Detector + Headphones.

(There’s a bit of cracking on a piece of plastic on the headphones — functionality is unaffected)

Also included is the NiMH battery kit and the AA battery holder. The rechargeable batteries are an accessory that doesn’t normally come with the detector. (The battery is presently charged and installed in the detector)

In addition to the default D2 detector coil, this also comes with an extra coil that’s more sensitive.

Once you find something, you can track down the exact place with the pinpointer:

Also, this will come with a pick ax and a sand basket:

All manuals, boxes, carrying cases, covers, and whatnot come with the package.

Here’s links to everything along with their MSRP:

White’s Electronics V3i with headphones $1,799.95
Bullsye II Pinpointer $119.95
Eclipse DD Coil×10-coil (almost exactly like this) $179.95
NiMH Battery Kit $134.95
Jim Dandy Sand Scoop $49.95
Pick (very similar) $43.75
 Total price new: $2,328.50

I would like to sell it for $1700 complete. Pickup local is preferred with cash payment. I’ll post it on Craig’s List for a bit more — but if you want this just mention the blog post and you’ll get this bundle. You buy the detector for a savings and get $629 off the list price of it all.

Email me at [email protected] or call 440-823-9832.

Why am I selling this? Because I’ve run out of time to use it — I have other hobbies taking up time and would like someone else to enjoy this top-of-the-line equipment.