I was hanging out with Lita today and before I left she got a text from her friend that was having issues fixing a deadbolt she was trying to install on her front door. It had been broken by her sister-in-law (I think “in-law” but not 100% sure, not relevant though)

Most people would just call a locksmith. Molly took it upon herself. Good deal! :-D Self sufficiency is a good thing in my book.

It was a like-for-like replacement. A Qwikset replacing a Qwikset. Somehow things weren’t lining up for her. When they were the lock was out of time and wouldn’t lock or unlock.

I didn’t have a problem installing it. But then again I wasn’t frustrated with the process.

The worse thing you can do when you’re frustrated with how something is going and getting mad is to soldier on. That’s when things go wrong. That’s when you force something to fit. That’s when you get a bigger hammer.

A bigger hammer is rarely required, as much as I love the joke.

Sit down. Have a break. Do something else. Call someone up who’s not yet frustrated.

Don’t force it. If you’re lucky you’ll only break the thing you’re trying to fix. If you’re unlucky (as I’ve been in the past sometimes) you’ll wind up breaking something else in addition to what it is you’re trying to fix.