There are the “Not In My Back Yard” people that are essentially opposed to any development. On the other side you have the urbanists that are very much “Yes In My Back Yard.”

I think I’ve made up a new one of these… RAMBY. This is from yet another Nextdoor debate.

I am “Realistic About My Back Yard.”

What I mean by this is that my preferences about how people deal with development is just that — my preference. But that shouldn’t really do a lot about forcing someone to do my bidding.

My rights, in most ways, end at my property line.

Just because I want something doesn’t mean that someone, be it my neighbor or a developer, has to do what I want. Hell, my neighbor might want the opposite from the developer. Who is to say who is right?

Neither of us for the most part. Neither of us has a real say in the developer’s actions. Assuming they have the permits and within the laws… well… both me and my neighbor’s opinions amount to a hill of beans.

I am realistic about my controls. I can lobby my representative… but once that avenue has been used up… I just have to suck it up.