With all the arguing on Nextdoor about how the city grows it’s easy to lose perspective on what the city actually looks like and how much of the city is actually changing.

All you have to do is look at the city at night for the bright spots. Those are the parts that have had significant redevelopment. Those are the spots with the new buildings for the most part. When you replace a house with a house you wind up with about the same amount of light. When you replace a something on a main road with more signage and other public lights it shows up.

Phinney Ridge and Greenwood is just about in the middle of the picture. The dark spot on the left is Green Lake. The boxy bit above it is the park and the Seattle Zoo. (The zoo has some lights, the park, fewer lights) To the right of that is the area in question.

Not too many bright lights.

This is looking south from the plane on the flight from Seattle to Chicago taken out the window yesterday.

It just puts things in perspective.